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VetPro Performance Minerals

by Vetpro

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Vetpro has customized the range of Mineral Supplements to make minerals more user- specific. The under lying principle that we are basing this on is that all horses need mineral supplementation. They are essential for the growth and development of the musculo-skeletal system in young horses. Adult horses rely on minerals for the maintenance of that same system. There are no grazing situations in New Zealand that can provide the total mineral requirements of a horse on a daily basis.

We can recognize 3 dietary situations where different mineral supplements are necessary. Which category does your horse fit?
1# Horses grazing at pasture and fed nothing else. e.g. spelling horses (maintenance) ponies and broodmares (non-pregnant). Then you will need Equine Speller Minerals (See Speller Minerals card).
2# Horses fed hard feed and hay with some access to pasture and being required to produce strenuous or demanding performance e.g. racehorses, eventers, dressage, endurance, show jumpers .
3# Pregnant or lactating broodmares.

2# and 3# will need Equine Performance Minerals

Horses in full training on energy diets have an extra demand for minerals and trace elements. The same can be said for lactating broodmares and rapidly growing yearlings (pre sale preparation). If feeding prepared feeds with some minerals included – check the list of actual minerals and note that unless the horse is fed the stated quantity eg 5kgs per day of the feed, then the mineral content will be less thatnthe required daily amount.

Vetpro Equine Performance Minerals contain calcium and phosphorus in approximately a 1:1 ratio, along with higher levels of all the essential trace minerals. Used at the recommended dose rates it provides the daily requirements of all important minerals and trace elements.
All horses do not need vitamins and over supplementing some vitamins can be detrimental. Vetpro does not mix a general supplement as it would be uneconomic for the owner and horses need to be fed and supplemented specifically to their needs.