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Ever wondered what all the different brushes are for? Use our quick guide below to help you choose the right tool for the job. Your horse will be clean and shiny in no time at all.

Step 1:

Start off well with a Curry Comb, the hard rubber teeth can be used all over your horse (except for the lower legs) in a circular pattern to bring dirt and dust to the surface. Knocking your curry comb against a surface or another brush now and again will remove any excess hair and dirt.

Not only will this give you a great start to your groom but your horse will love the massaging effect.

Follow up with a Dandy Brush, these long stiff bristles will capture the dirt and lose hair brought to the surface by the Curry Comb enabling you to flick them off.

For a super-efficient clean try holding the Curry Comb in one hand and the Dandy Brush in the other – a great upper arm work out.

Step 2:

Second stage is the Body Brush, this will remove any leftover dirt and hair but also distributes the natural oils in the coat to produce a deep shine. Body Brush bristles are shorter and made of natural horse offering a medium to soft firmness.

Step 3:

We have a range of smaller softer brushes for those sensitive areas, ideal for your horses face and fetlock area.

Step 4:

The finishing touch.. .These soft brushes literally polish your horses coat allowing the natural oils to smooth everything out, leaving you with a coat to be proud of and a happy horse.

Finally – don’t forget to clean your brushes from time to time. A bucket of warm water then left to dry on their side in the sun will keep your brushes looking like new.


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