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German-made Effax leather care lets leather live longer. This exceptional leather care line is designed to be used without additional water to maintain leather’s natural balance and keep your leather products soft and supple. Leather needs proper care to maintain its durability and usefulness. Effax products are designed to help your leather live.

Effax Leder-Balsam or Leather Balm is manufactured with lanolin, avocado oil and bees’ wax to naturally maintain the leather to increase durability and useful life. This product will repel moisture and leave a lasting shine while allowing the leather to breathe naturally.

For quick tack cleaning in one simple step, try the Effax Leather Cream Soap in the convenient Flic-Flac dispenser. This bottle hangs from any hook and is perfect for showing and cleaning leather on the go. The single process soap cleans and conditions in one easy application and no water is necessary. Perfect for touching up your tack while waiting ringside or in the tack room.

The deep penetrating solution of Effax Leather Combi gives the tack added nourishment without feeling greasy like neatsfoot oil. This natural substance will actually strengthen the leather by bonding fibers to keep them stronger and adding life to the leather. The non-greasy finish won’t stain clothing or other equipment while providing essential nutrients to the tack.

Glycerine soap is a classic product for maintaining leather and the choice from Effax is tried and true. When used with a damp sponge, is the traditional way to clean leather. Leather will drink up the nutrients and protective ingredients of natural glycerine and any excess can be easily wiped away. The delightful scent of glycerine soap is a sign of well cared for, soft, safe tack.

Effax products for outdoor and other use are created with the same high standards as the line of equestrian products to offer quality and satisfaction for the buyer.

In addition to this amazing line of leather care items, Effax carries everything from horse snacks and treats to shampoos, hoof care, fly repellent and many other items for horse care and management. Effax puts the same care and quality into all of its products with the health and safety of the horse and rider a top priority.

Try Effax products for the other important parts of your life from hiking trail to highway. Effax prides themselves on natural products manufactured with only the finest ingredients. Horze is proud to carry this line of deep penetrating leather care products.