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With its vast experience with ski and mountain gear, Komperdell, has set itself the goal of making horse riding safer. These many years of experience and determination to constantly innovate have enabled Komperdell to create a unique product that is ideally suited to equestrian For a Level 3 vest that is required by the New Zealand Pony Clubs, the Komperdell L3 is unrivalled in terms of comfort and fit. It offers 360 degree all-round protection for the entire upper body while still looking really good. So how does it work? The multi-layer design of the exceptionally soft foam guarantees that the equestrian back protector huddles perfectly against the body. When you put it on, the safety vest automatically adapts to your body and fits as though it was tailored throughout your ride. At the same time, the vest offers the ultimate in freedom of movement. 

The Level 2 vests are used during horse riding, skiing, mountain biking or any time ones spine needs protection from a  potential fall.  Level 2 is a moto cross standard that does not meet New Zealand Equestrian standard for Cross County due to lack of side protection. They are favoured by riders such as showjumpers and pleasure riders that wish to focus on spine protection and prefer less bulk on the sides.