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VetPro Gut-Biotic

by VetPro

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Vetpro Gut-Biotic – contains Prebiotic and Probiotic actives that in line with the science, will improve the horses gut Microbiome to be restored and hence directly assist the health of the horse. The good bacteria in the gut of a horse are very important to the overall health of the horse. A horse is vulnerable to the changes that can occur in the balance and quality of that bacteria (called the microbiome), and that change will negatively affect the processing of food and therefore the wellbeing of the horse. Changes can occur for many reasons, usually stress or illness related.

Providing both a Probiotic and Prebiotics will assist with establishing a gut microflora at times when it may be naturally depleted by excessive workload, stress, long distance travel, changes in diet or grazing conditions, ill health and antibiotics.

Also overweight horses if left unresolved, can develop Insulin Resistance (IR), which creates metabolic and health complications, such as Laminitis, EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome). Science has proved that feeding a short chained fructo-oligosaccharide does help reduce that possibility.

Store in a cool dry place and always reseal the pouch after use.

Active Ingredients, all sourced from high quality European manufacturers, are:

PREBIOTICS (stimulating gut microflora):

1. Short-chained fructo-oligosaccharide (Inulin)- sc-FOS

2. Mannan Oligosaccharide  – MOS

PROBIOTIC (providing 25 billion CFU active microflora):

Active yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Recommended Dose: is 25gm for an average 500 Kg horse – use the scoop provided – a level amount is 25gm.

Available sizes: 500 gm and 1 Kg sealed foil pouches.