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Topflite Super Sprout

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Supersize your bird’s nutritional intake with our renowned super sprout mix. Sprouting is an excellent way to boost amino acids and antioxidants and, very helpfully, there’s no special equipment required – simply add water, soak and wait for the goodness to arrive…

Sprouted seeds are the bird equivalent of a superfood as, when a seed is soaked and begins to sprout, stored nutrients are unlocked and higher amounts of natural goodness becomes available. Super Sprout delivers this along with vitamins and minerals, making it ideally suited to medium and larger birds (cockatiels through to macaws). 

  • Sprouted seeds boost available nutrients
  • New Zealand grown sunflower seeds
  • Suitable for medium and larger birds (cockatiels to macaws)
  • Source of essential amino acids and antioxidants
  • No equipment needed (or phone booth for the bird to change costume)

An all natural superfood made up of sprout-able seed suitable for large birds (cockatiel to macaw)  Provides increased amino acids and antioxidants. Soak this mix and let it sprout, then feed it to your birds for extra nutrition, vitamins and minerals for optimum bird health. 

Ingredients: oats, wheat, maple peas, white peas, blue peas, buckwheat, radish, whole maize, sunflower, mung beans, lentils, popcorn