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Takanini Razzle Dazzle Mix

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NOTE: This product only available at Horselands Drury and Horselands Kumeu Grain

The high protein level in Asian Horse Preparation Mix makes it an ideal meal-style feed for growing horses. Its high fat and oil content is perfect for extra conditioning without extra heat, and enhances the gloss and shine of the horse’s coat. Therefore, Asian Mix helps horses reach peak condition before sale, showing or shipping, and is also an ideal feed for putting condition back onto any horse that has lost weight.

Asian Mix is a high energy soya based feed and includes a full vitamin and trace mineral premix. It has been designed as a complete feed that needs only good quality hay or pasture to balance the horse’s nutritional intake.

Asian Mix should be fed with roughage such as hay, chaff or grass, and is best fed split into two smaller feeds per day.

A full horse vitamin and trace mineral premix is included in Asian Mix, so supplementation with added vitamins and minerals is not recommended unless under veterinary advice.

Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis)

Crude Protein 16.7%

Ingredients Selected From:

Crushed Barley, Kibbled Maize, Crushed Oats, Soya Meal, Zeolite, Lime, Soya/Canola Oil Blend, Salt, Molasses, Vitamins and Trace Minerals, Mould Inhibitor

Feeding Recommendations

Light Work/Maintenance – 2kg per day
Moderate Work – 3kg per day
Hard Work/Conditioning – 4kg per day

Available in 25kg bags

Caution: Asian Mix is not suitable to feed to sheep due to the high levels of copper associated with the Horse Premix included in the formulation.