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Seales Winslow Lamber MAX Block

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SealesWinslow Lamber Max is an easy and effective way to balance pasture deficiency and improve forage digestibility to help sheep health and productivity and enhance rumen function to ensure your stock get the most out of their diet.

It contains a carefully selected range of trace elements and vitamins which have been shown to:

  • Improve maternal health of ewes to increase lamb survivability
  • Increase sperm motility in rams prior to tupping, improving the chance of conception

Lamber Max can also be used:

  • Maintain daily live weight gains and support growth targets of ewes
  • Pre-lambing to provide additional energy for ewes
  • After lambing to improve nutritional status of the ewe and support lamb growth
  • For lambs that are being finished on grass or brassicas
  • During flushing and tupping and to help ewe hoggets achieve replacement weights

Lamber Max is easy to use, just place the tubs in your paddocks and stock will help themselves. We recommend that you place tubs in areas where you want stock to graze, and avoid placing them near water troughs.

Place tubs in paddocks at a ratio of:

  • 1 x 22.5 kg every 50 head of sheep

Typical intakes (per animal)

  • Sheep: 60 g/day