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Seales Winslow Calver MAX Block

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SealesWinslow Calver Max is an easy and effective way to overcome nutritional shortfalls in pastoral diets and top up your stock’s trace mineral and vitamin levels during the dry period, before the stressful calving time. It contains a range of carefully selected nutrients which have been shown to prepare animals for the demands of lactation by:
  • Boosting blood magnesium levels to minimise the occurrence of milk fever
  • Increasing digestion efficiency
  • Optimising rumen function for improved appetite post calving
  • Maximising health by boosting immunity

Calver Max should be provided to cows 60 days before calving until the end of the colostrum period. This is when magnesium requirements are at their highest but feed levels of this nutrient are at their lowest. It can also be used with dry stock when pasture, dry matter feed, or silage quality is low.

Calver Max is easy to use, just place the tubs in your paddocks and stock will help themselves. We recommend that you place tubs in areas where you want stock to graze, and avoid placing them near water troughs. Calver Max should be introduced 2 months prior to calving and fed through to the end of the colostrum period.

Place tubs in paddocks at a ratio of:

  • 1 x 22.5 kg every 25 head of cattle

Typical intakes (per animal):

  • Cattle (dairy or beef) on pasture: 200 g/day
  • Cattle (dairy of beef) on forage crop: 130g/day
  • Goats: 40-60 g/day