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Schleich Peruvian Paso Stallion


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This stallion is a proud Peruvian Paso and a real looker. With its elegant gait, attentively set ears and playfully cocked head, you can see right away that he is very special. Who wouldn’t want to ride out with this magnificent horse right away? 

Instead of a trot, the Peruvian Paso performs a gait between the walk and the canter that is broken pace. This means it has four equals beats and is performed laterally - left hind, left fore, right hind, right fore. 

This characteristic gait was bred into the Peruvian Paso for the purpose of covering long distances over a short period of time without tiring the horse or rider. The gait is inbred and does not require training. Purebred Peruvian Paso foals can be seen gaiting alongside their dams within a few hours of their birth.