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Schleich Horse Transporter

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Looking for an exciting and adventurous horse club event. Look no further than the Schleich Horse Transporter! This innovative vehicle is perfect for transporting your child's favorite horses to their next big adventure. With space for up to 4 horses, your child will be able to bring all their equine friends along for the ride. 

Featuring a washing area with real water for keeping the horses clean, as well as a rooftop pool for a refreshing splash on hot summer days for the riders. And when the day is done, the cozy alcove provides the perfect place for the horses and their human companions to rest and relax., after a delicious meal from the inbuilt kitchen. 

With three horses, three people, and a dog included, the Schleich Horse Transporter is ready for all sorts of adventures. Plus, the kitchen area can be extended for more space and there are plenty of accessories included for horse tournaments and BBQs. So let your child's imagination run wild and join the fun with this exciting and versatile addition to your Schleich stable.