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Ranvet White Healer Cream

by Ranvet
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Antiseptic Cream for Horses and all other animals. Ranvet White Healer is an astringent and germicidal ointment for use as an aid in the treatment of minor skin ailments and infections of horses.

Formulated for treatment of the following conditions: Greasy Heel - Rain Scald - Mud Fever White Healer is also an effective aid in the treatment of: Skin Irritations - Skin Infections - Cracked Heels - Girth Rash Anti-Microbial Activity.

The new blend of essential oils in is effective against all three categories of infectious organisms; bacteria, fungi and viruses. White Healer has a four percent w/w Essential Oil Blend in a zinc cream base to provide a soothing cream with exceptional anti-microbial properties.