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Nutritech Selamin Gold

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Selamin®Gold contains essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids for horses in training, breeding stock, yearlings and foals, as an aid in the prevention and treatment of mineral/vitamin/amino acid deficiencies, and is especially applicable for horses on selenium deficient diets. Includes copper proteinate and copper sulphate.

Active Ingredients. Per 30 g dose:

Vitamins: Biotin 2 mg, choline 510 mg, folic acid 10 mg, niacin 100 mg, pantothenic acid 45 mg, vitamin A 50,000 iu, vitamin B1 35 mg, vitamin B2 40mg, vitamin B6 30 mg, vitamin B12 0.225 mg, vitamin C 50 mg, vitamin D3 10,000 iu, vitamin E 1,000 iu, vitamin K3 7.5 mg.

Amino acids: lysine 525 mg, methinonine 525 mg.

Minerals: Calcium 2.5 g, chromium 5 mg, cobalt 10 mg, copper 150 mg, iodine 8 mg, iron 250 mg, magnesium 200 mg, phosphorus 380 mg, selenium* 1.8 mg, sodium 3.23 g, zinc 525 mg.

*Selenium derived 50% from selenium yeast an organic source of selenium

Recommended Dose Rates:

One level 15ml scoop measures 15 g
Mature, racing and breeding horses / 30 g / day
Ponies / 20 g / day
Foals & yearlings / 15 g / day
Alternatively SelaMin® Gold can be added to bulk feed at the rate of 5kg per tonne.