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NRM Multifeed Nuts Plus Zinc 20 kg

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A balanced, versatile feed suitable for beef cattle and sheep.

NRM Multifeed + Zinc Nuts provide improved condition and productivity in ruminant livestock where nutrient demands are hight, e.g. pregnancy, lactation, wool growth and liveweight gain. This versatile product will also assist in sustaining stock during periods of critical feed stress.

Feeding recommendation

NRM Multifeed + Zinc Nuts are not formulated as a complete feed. Ensure that pasture or silage is always available. Always introduce new feeds gradually. Ensure access to fresh, clean water at all times

Feeding rates

60kg 120kg
80kg 160g
100kg 200g
150kg 300g
200kg 400g
250kg 500g
300kg 600g
400kg 800g
500kg 1000g
600kg 1200g

Ingredients selected from

Grain and grain by-products, plant proteins, molasses, minerals, vegetable oils, mould inhibitor, zinc oxide, vitamins and trace minerals