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NPC Respire

by NPC
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This concentrated blend combines high levels of Echinacea, Thyme and Liquorice. Respire assists coughs, colds, allergies including allergy induced head flick, & reduces symptoms of respiratory prone illnesses, brings relief to itchy skin. Ideal for use during times of stress or minor illness.

Studies show Thyme effectively supports the upper respiratory where it may be compromised from illness and also helps to reduce allergy symptoms. Many studies show Liquorice has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, assisting the body with healing; while research shows Echinacea to have boosting attributes to the immune system helping with recovery.

We have formulated this powerful blend at high levels, simplifying the need for multiple separate herbs. Respire therefore effectively helps support immunity, soothe and reduce inflammation in the airways, whilst assisting with recovery.

Dose instructions: (per 500 Kg horse) Low rate of administration, just 20 - 40 grams daily! (1 HEAP scoop = 20 grams) 20 grams is a general dose, 40 grams is a high dose for unwell animals Up to 60 grams may be given (per 500 Kg horse); 3 heap scoops if required. Not intended to replace veterinary care. Seek veterinary attention if any symptoms persist Use only as directed.

Ingredients per 20 gram dose: Echinacea extract equiv. 15,372 mg , Thyme extract equiv. 31,000 mg, Liquorice extract equiv 15,000 mg No other ingredients, just three highly potent herbs! Ingredients per 40 gram dose: Echinacea extract equiv. 30,744 mg, Thyme extract equiv. 62,000 mg, Liquorice extract equiv 30,000 mg No other ingredients, just three highly potent herbs !

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