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NPC Opti-HOOF (Biotin Super Strength)

by NPC
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Biotin is a water soluble B group vitamin.

Horses naturally manufacture B group vitamins in the hind gut, biotin being one of these. However, many horses do not receive sufficient fibre or for other reasons digest well and may not make enough biotin naturally to maintain the optimum level to support hoof integrity.

Some breeds are also noted for poor hoof quality and may need ongoing supplementation to maintain hoof integrity. Research shows biotin effectively strengthens hooves, increases durability to wear and tear, and thereby reduces fine cracks and splits. Biotin encourages a hard hoof less prone to brittleness and a hoof that is more resilient to damage.

Description: Oral nutritional supplement for horses offering nutrient support to maintain/or improve hoof quality.

General Characterisation: Biotin is a key nutrient to maintain healthy skin and hoof integrity. Biotin supplementation provides nutritional support where the diet may not be adequate or where the horse may not be producing adequate and therefore tops up a nutritional shortfall.

Ingredient: Active per dose: Active per 1 gram dose = 15 mg biotin Active per 2 gram dose = 30 mg biotin Recommendation: Per 500 Kg horse 1- 2 grams daily is recommended.

Administer using enclosed scoop provided into feed ration.

*Biotin is recommended in combination with a good balanced diet, in particular with sufficient protein. Product Properties: White to slightly off white powder, highly palatable, low odour Storage/handling: Always store product in a cool, dry area away from heat or sunlight. Keep well closed when not in use. Keep out of the reach of children. For animal treatment only.