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NPC Electrolytes Regular

by NPC
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A highly palatable, balanced electrolyte formula for salt replenishment and recovery.

Developed especially for working horses and/or sweating horses. Electrolytes are more than sodium and chloride, the body requires potassium, magnesium and calcium as this is also lost in sweat. Electrolytes are replacing losses.

Electrolytes encourage drinking and re-hydration, where any excess is flushed through the body upon excretion.

General Characterisation: Provides a balanced profile of Electrolytes to replace lost salts from sweating and aid in recovery after exercise. Scientifically Proven Benefits: Stimulates thirst and encourages drinking; aiding re-hydration and boosting recovery

Quickly replaces lost salts from sweating, reduces post exercise fatigue and muscle problems

Active Ingredients: Sodium 244 g/Kg, Chloride 307 g/kg, Potassium 103 g/Kg, Magnesium, Calcium, Glucose The addition of Glucose ensures high palatability taking away the sharp taste of salt, therefore higher doses may be effectively given.

Product Properties: Off white, free flowing powder. Product can brown over time due to glucose.

Example of Use: Administer into horses feed after sweating has occurred. Use after exercise, travelling, excitability or stress, living and working in hot, humid areas. Suitable for all horses.

Recommended for all horses. Plain salt may still be administered daily and also in combination with electrolytes. As intensity of work increases such as exercising in hot/humid conditions, where muscular activity is high or where sweating is heavy, electrolytes should be fed (some salt is still ok in combination). In these instances increasing plain salt (without electrolytes) can disrupt the balance by causing a large excretion of potassium, which in a performance horse can lead to poor recovery and weakness.

Potassium is commonly found in most feeds, but as it is readily excreted, the body does not hold it. Large doses of plain salt also facilitate a higher excretion of potassium.

Recommended daily dose: 45-60 daily per 500 Kg live bodyweight. For heavy sweating can be increased up to 120 g daily per 500 Kg. 1 scoop is equal to 60 grams. It is recommended when feeding higher levels of plain salt and electrolytes that feeds be split into a morning and evening feed.

CAUTION: Always ensure access to fresh, clean water at all times. Never feed electrolytes to a horse without water. Never feed before travelling where the horse has no access to water. Never add large amounts to water. The body requires fresh water after administration and this cannot be meet by drinking salt water. Ideally feed after work when the horse has turn out time and free access to water