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NPC Digest Easi Plus

by NPC
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Digest-easi PLUS combines a digestive aid and mycotoxin binder to promote optimal health and wellbeing to the horse.

The digestive aid contains a live pro and prebiotic (Saccharomyces), a digestive enzyme (Ronozyme) and aluminosilicate for healthy digestive function. In addition liquorice extract for its soothing effect.

Used to support the horse from ingested mycotoxins, Mycofix® is used. This is a proven and registered mycotoxin binder. It is innovative in its function by deactivating the mycotoxin and thus preventing it from functioning. Mycofix® does not rely on adsorption to its surface structure (essentially blotting) like most other binders. Myco-fix® passes through the horse deactivating the mycotoxin on its way (for more information see Biomin®). Myco-fix® is inert in its action and is not absorbed by the horse.

Myco-toxins are mold toxins which are microscopic and abundant with over 400 commonly identified in feedstuffs. These are most prevalent under certain weather conditions such as humidity and moisture. Myco-toxins are recognized as damaging to the horse causing lowered immune function, lowered performance and are also known to cause liver damage over long term exposure.

Mycotoxins effect the nervous system of the horse. Most horse owners generally notice spooky or erratic like behaviour which is noted as out of character. However, some calmer breeds may not exhibit these signs but are equally affected to the damaging effects. It is therefore recommended to lessen the ingestion of mycotoxins by using a proven adsorbent binder such as in Digest easi PLUS, with also gives you the benefit of a digestive aid.

CAUTION please note Mycotoxin binders are helpful in managing horses. If however your horse has staggers, we recommend total removal from pasture.

General Characterisation: Beneficial for maintaining a healthy digestive function. Helps lessen the effect of mycotoxins in feedstuffs.

Ingredients g/Kg:

Aluminosilicate 500.00, Rice bran 170.00, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 100.00, Mycofx PLUS SE® 200.00, Ronozyne CT® (a-amylase), Liquorice natural extract 20.00 Product Properties: Brownish powder. Slight liquorice odour

Additional Product descriptive data: Mag-Eze® may be used in addition during grass flushes and/or to aid in relaxation.

Recommended daily dose: 50g daily is recommended per feed. A scoop is provided. 1 scoop = 50 grams. Stated on labelling as 50 g per 5 Kg feed ration.