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Kopertox Spray


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A green oily solution containing Copper Naphthenate (13.5%) and Veterinary Codliver Oil (5.0%) in a 250ml spray bottle.


For animal treatment only. Do not scrape, brush or remove ringworm crusts. Kopertox will penetrate and kill the infection. Removal of the crusts spreads infection. Use upright.


Ringworm in Cattle

Soak the ringworm crusts thoroughly, holding the Pump Pack close the infection and giving each crust three short sprays. Any crusts that have not dropped off after 10 days will require one further treatment.

Footrot in Hooves:

Clean and pare the feet as necessary. Spray until the affected area is covered.

Withholding Time: N/A


The various Tricophyta, which are the common cause of ringworm in animals, are fungi. Each ringworm scab is made up of millions of tiny spores. These infectious spores are so small and light that they can be carried for long distances by draughts or air currents and are so resistant that they can live on bare wood or brickwork for 6-12 months.

Any treatment which involves ‘scrubbing off’ immediately liberates the spores and so spreads the infection.

Ringworm 1.

Kopertox sterilises the infectious spores while they are still on the animals 2.

Kopertox prevents the spread of infection. 3.

Kopertox oily base penetrates right into the scab area. 4.

Kopertox protects the operator – because you do not have to touch the infection you avoid contamination.


Kopertox exhibits the following benefits: 1.

Greater penetration due to oily base. 2.

Promotes healing. 3.

Does not harden the hoof. 4.

100% effective against Fusiformis necrophorous. 5.

Causes no pain because it is non-caustic. 6.

Quick simple and economical to apply.