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KER Nano E

by KER
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Nervous and tense horse?
Prone to Tying Up?
Not quite performing with the X Factor?

Nano•E™ Nanodispersed Natural-Source Vitamin E Nano•E™ provides highly bioavailable natural vitamin E to horses through a unique delivery system. The availability and necessity of vitamin E in equine diets is well established. When healthy horses are given frequent access to fresh green forage such as good-quality pasture, there is little need for supplementation of vitamin E. However, many horses today are managed without fresh forage in their diets. These horses can survive in such management systems, but they will likely not be consuming sufficient vitamin E for optimal health. Vitamin E is first and foremost an antioxidant, an agent that keeps free radicals from forming and potentially weakening cells and tissues. In addition to its antioxidant responsibilities, vitamin E is vital to immune, cardiovascular, circulatory, neuromuscular, and reproductive functions. Therefore, supplementation with an effective vitamin E supplement is recommended for all horses that do not consume a significant quantity of green pasture.

Performance Horses asked to work strenuously benefit from Nano•E™. A regular schedule of training and competition makes performance horses susceptible to muscle damage, which is due largely to oxidative stress. Nano•E™ provides fast-acting antioxidant protection for hard-working horses. Breeding Appropriate for broodmares and stallions, Nano•E™ provides optimal antioxidant protection. Broodmares benefit from increased fertility and increased transfer of passive immunity to their foals. Vitamin E supplementation has been linked to increased libido and semen quality in stallions. Neurological problems Veterinarians and researchers have found that vitamin E supplementation often helps in recovery from certain neurological problems. Nano•E™ provides natural-source vitamin E in a form that is quickly absorbed. Stressful events Prior to relocation, long-distance travel, weaning, or other stress-inducing events, Nano•E™ provides a boost to antioxidant and immune defenses. Convalescence Following injuries such as lacerations, puncture wounds, or burns, the addition of Nano•E™ to the diet will increase antioxidant activity and enhance recovery