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Infield Equi-Sel

by Infield
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Infield Equi-Sel is a liquid form of Selenomethionine , which is selenium bound to the amino acid methionine , rather than the inorganic form, sodium selenite.

As the organic form, Selenomethionine is actively taken up from the intestine and  used by the horse during protein synthesis. Inorganic selenium, sodium selenate, is not actively taken up in the intestine and needs to be converted by micro-organisms in the caecum and small intestine to an organic form before it can be absorbed. The majority of inorganic selenium is excreted in the faeces and urine with as little as 40% of sodium selenate being taken up by the horse.

Equi-Sel contains: selenomethionine 200mg per litre providing 1 mg Selenium per 5 ml.

Dosage Ponies
Weekly 10ml 25ml
Monthly 50ml 125ml


Equi-Sel can be administered orally or mixed with feed. Do not exceed stated dose.