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Ice O Poultice 5.2kg

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Ice-O-Poultice® is a critical care product for horses that reduces swelling and inflammation of swollen leg muscles. It also helps moisturize and draw fever from the legs, hocks, ankles, knees, and pasterns. This is easily used by inexperienced equine care givers. Ice-O-Poultice® can be used for temporary relief of sore, tender hooves, as an anti-inflammatory and to draw fever or heat from injury. Excellent for difficult to bandage areas like the hock, pastern, knee, & stifle. This poultice washes off with minimal effort and stays moist longer. Horses can be turned out to the pasture with poultice applied yet no bandage. May use daily over an extended period of time. 

Ingredients: Ice-O-Poultice® contains Sodium Bentonite (27.25% w/w); Aluminum Silicate, Anhydrous (13.62% w/w); Sodium Borate (3.44% w/w); Acetic Acid (0.74% w/w); Zinc Oxide (0.2% w/w).