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NPC Hydraflex HA Care

by NPC
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Specialised care “Formulated for aging joints or those requiring extra care”

To move freely bones have joints; the ends of which are coated in cartilage (known as articular cartilage). This cartilage provides a cushion surface between the two bones preventing them rubbing together. The joint is then enclosed in a joint capsule containing an abundance of synovial fluid. The joint ends bathe and also absorb nutrients from this fluid.

A lack of joint lubricant results in poor cartilage health and bone remodelling (leading to bone spurs) and DJD (degenerative joint disease) also known as osteoarthritis. Once cartilage begins to deteriorate, movement becomes stiff and the joints progressively become inflamed and sore.

Premium specialised care for aging joints or those requiring extra care. Contains a potent blend of actives providing comfort and ease to movement.

Hydra-flex HA™ CARE is a concentrated joint care product, free of dextrose and fillers for maximum protection.

Glucosamine at oral administration of 10,000 mg or above demonstrated to be an integral part of cartilage, helping to re-build, strengthen, maintain and protect cartilage. Another study also demonstrated oral administration to be beneficial to joint structures and in particular reducing inflammation within the joint capsule on young horses with a joint trauma.

MSM aids and supports muscular, skeletal and connective tissues as well as controls inflammation. Studies show MSM provides improvement in horses with inflammation. Higher levels may be administered for inflammation. Studies also demonstrated no change in blood chemistry when used at these higher levels for inflammation.

Sulphur works in lowering inflammation by lending (a donor) sulphur for pathways to control inflammatory and other internal reactions.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a primary component of the synovial fluid providing a slip surface. This helps to reduce friction on cartilage surfaces. It is very “hygroscopic” binding many times its own weight in water keeping cartilage well hydrated and healthy. High molecular weight HA shares the same attributes as native HA found in the synovial fluids. This has been shown in multiple studies to be best absorbed and therefore most benefit to joint structures. High molecular weight HA is therefore superior to low molecular weight alternatives and the only HA to have multiple joint benefits.

Hydra-flex HA uses an optimal dose of HA (hyaluronic acid) to ensure maximum lubrication between joint surfaces thereby helping to reduce friction (wear and tear) and provide more comfort to the horse. The source of HA is non-animal and is derived from a yeast fermentation process (considered vegan).

Collagen is a proven ingredient (specifically the peptide) encourages healthy bone, cartilage, skin, tendons and ligaments. Studies have been impressive showing regeneration of damaged cartilage cells. Collagen is lost as the body ages, so this becomes an important component to maintaining health.

Devils claw extract a highly concentrated form offers high potency at a low dose for more protection to joints. Scientific studies show devils claw extract to be highly effective as an ant-inflammatory and pain relief ingredient by blocking the mediators that cause and initiate pain and inflammation. Inflammation is damaging and therefore it must be controlled. The process of inflammation releases enzymes which weaken tissue and cartilage, accelerating damage to cells and deterioration causing joint swelling and pain.

Hydra-flex HA CARE contains a potent blend to help increase the comfort and ease of movement to your horse.

Active ingredients per 45 gram dose (equiv to 1 heap scoop)

Collagen Peptide 18,000 mg, Glucosamine Sulphate 15,000mg, MSM 8,850mg, Hyaluronic acid (sodium) 150mg, Devils claw extract 3000 mg

Recommended Dosage: 45 grams daily per 500 Kg horse *Recommend 90 grams for a high dose when required to manage stiff horses May be fed 2 hours prior to riding for horses that are stiff.