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HAAS Mud Bud Sponge Eraser

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Ideal for removing stains from white hair.

Mud Bud Hard Sponge Eraser from HAAS is a clever and easy tool for grooming touch ups on your horse. Mud Bud is especially useful for removing stains from a white coat. Great for tidying up a blaze, socks, or difficult to reach areas prior to a horse show class! The Mud Bud Hard Sponge Eraser works like magic to remove heavy dirt and even fly bots from the horse's coat.

HAAS Mud Bud is a firm block that you moisten to activate. After getting the sponge wet, use with gentle pressure to work on stains and grime. Follow up by rinsing with water or brushing. The sponge is lightweight, easy to grip, and gentle on horses that tend to be sensitive. Keep a HAAS Mud Bud Hard Sponge Eraser in your horse show grooming tote and another at the barn for stain removal and gentle grooming.

  • 3" wide x 4.3" high x 1" deep
  • Gentle, easy
  • Removes stains, dirt, fly bots
  • Great for white coats