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Future Feeds Meadow Chaff

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A Good Source of Fiber and Nutrients

Future Feeds Meadow hay chaff is a versatile option suitable for a wide range of horses. It is made from high-quality meadow hay, offering a balanced blend of nutrients.
Meadow hay chaff provides essential fiber for digestion and promotes healthy gut function. It can be fed to horses in various disciplines, including pleasure riding, trail riding, and light to moderate work. Meadow hay chaff is also suitable for horses that maintain weight easily or those with specific dietary sensitivities.
In the pursuit of excellence, Future Feeds leaves no stone unturned. The chaff is cut in the good old-fashioned way, preserving the integrity of the fibers and enhancing palatability. Each bag undergoes a meticulous dust extraction process, meticulously removing any unwanted particles. Future Feeds takes pride in offering a 100% natural product, free from oils and additives, allowing your horses to indulge in the purest nourishment available. The dedication to purity is unmatched, eliminating the need for additional oils to suppress dust.