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FiberMix 22.7 kg

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NOTE: This product only available at Horselands Kumeu Grain

A big step forward in natural nutrition FiberMix is a combination of freshly harvested oat crop (plant fibre and grain) and Alfalfa mixed together with a touch of molasses to produce a unique blend that offers stamina and energy.

The crop harvesting is critically timed to capture the grains just prior to seed set, producing a low GI energy that the horse can safely absorb and utilise. The combination of these two excellent crops is further enhanced by the “Fiber Fresh” process which captures the sugars and retains them as soluble carbohydrates for a slow but sustained release of energy making it ideal for horses under pressure.

• A fresh natural combination of two great feeds means FiberMix can take the place of several different feeds you may now be using.
• Vacuum sealed retaining the full freshness and goodness right up to the moment you open the bag to feed.
• The captured grains mean a safe gradual release of energy that will not heat your horse but still have the punch to do the job.
• FiberMix is specially formulated to be used in racehorse training, endurance, cross-country and eventing where extra energy is required.
• An excellent fibre source that covers the essential roughage balance so necessary in a ration.
• Conveniently packaged in a compact weather resistant bag that makes transport and storage a breeze.
• Guaranteed dust and mould free eliminating respiratory problems that can arise from feeding hay or dusty chaff.

Feeding Recommendation Guide:

Light Work (resting / pleasure) 2kg – 4kg
Moderate Work (showjumping / dressage / eventing) 4kg – 6kg
Heavy Work (racing / endurance) 4kg – 8kg

Typical Dry Matter Analysis
Protein 15%
M.E. Value 12.5
Carbohydrate 45-50%
Fibre 30-35%
Nutritional Juices 50-55%