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FiberEdge 25 kg


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Do you want a high performance, all-in-one feed solution that delivers the perfect combination of fast and sustained release energy but doesn’t leave your horse with serious digestive issues? FiberEdge® may be the perfect solution for your horse.

FiberEdge® is a Complete feed – a truly complete and balanced diet including forage – and is suitable for all horses, especially those in high levels of training or competition.

FiberEdge® is a combination of moist, high energy, freshly cut lucerne that has undergone a Modified Bio Fermentation™ process, and freshly crushed oats conveniently mixed in the correct proportion for good digestive health.

FiberEdge® has a high ratio of High Nutritional Fibre and contains highly digestible protein and all the amino acids required to build muscle and top line, thus aiding muscle repair and recovery after exercise. Feeding FiberEdge® helps ensure performance horses can continue competing without their potential being undermined by poor gastrointestinal health. 

FiberEdge® ingredient composition

Lucerne (alfalfa), crushed oats, Xanotyde®, a vitamin and mineral supplement and cured molasses (4%).