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Farmassist Healing Wash

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This broad-spectrum disinfectant wash is a concentrate and uses the active ingredient chlorhexidine. It is highly effective against pathogens that threaten horses and that are costly to their environment. Formulated to promote health and hygiene in any stable environment.

  • An everyday disinfectant for horses, equipment & their environment
  • As an all over antiseptic horse wash to reduce the risk of infection,
  • Soothes allergies, mud-fever, skin infections & conditions that cause hair loss
  • As a preventative to stop the spread of viruses, bacteria and infection
  • For animals pre-disposed to skin issues causing scabs & irritated skin
  • Used to heal & as a preventative after heavy exercise or shampooing
  • Disinfecting laundry
  • Sterilisation of inanimate objects