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Effol Mouth Butter

by Effol
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  • Effol Maul-Butter makes the horse more content and increases the riding quality.
  • Each rider offers the optimal bit and bridle for their horse in order to make riding as pleasant as possible. If the horse feels comfortable and takes the bit well, it has a mouth that is "soft as butter".
  • In addition to the perfect bridle, healthy skin in the sensitive mouth area is crucial for a satisfied horse. Every rider knows that giving your horse an apple stimulates their chewing activity for a short time. The new Effol Mouth Butter combines all these requirements in one product.
  • Effol Maul-Butter is for the well-being of your horse. It promotes the lubricity of the teeth so that it lies comfortably in the mouth. This increases the satisfaction of the horse and thus the riding quality. The fresh apple flavour is a favourite with horses.
  • Effol Mouth Butter also protects like a second skin in the case of a sensitive mouth and cares with zinc oxide and balsam of Peru. Allantoin keeps the corners of the mouth permanently soft and supple.


  • Generously rub the butter into the corners of your horse's mouth before and after riding.
  • Applied to the bit, Effol Mouth Butter increases the bit acceptance of the bit.

    Made in Germany.