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Dunstan Trifecta Oil

by Dunstan

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For yearling prep & horses in work. A 3 way blend of high quality vegetable oils to provide the Horse with the important fatty acids, omega 6, 9 & omega 3.

  • Great for hard working horses and poor doers to increase the calorie density of the ration.
  • Ideal for yearling preparation and show horses to enhance skin and coat condition.
  • A ‘cool’ energy source.
  • A valuable addition to the ration for horses prone to ‘tying –up’.

Recommended Feeding Guide:

The recommended feeding rates are based on a 500kg horse and are guidelines only.

Horses in Work

Add to the Racehorse diet at 25 - 30 ml per horse per day, building up to 100 – 250ml over a period of 14 days.

Yearling Prep

Introduce to the Yearling diet at 25 ml per horse per day during Yearling Prep, building up to 50-100ml over a period of 14 days to enhance skin condition and coat sheen.