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Cooling Bandage - Arctic Blast

by Vetpro

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Vetpro Arctic Blast Bandage is an equine elastic compression bandage – instant cooling – without ice or refrigeration.

Science shows that cooling improves recovery from injury especially if applied quickly. Ice can cause tissue damage if too direct and maintained on the site for too long. Arctic Blast works by evaporative cooling and so the danger of tissue damage is allayed and the coolant can be left on until the site gets warm, then the bandage can be re-cooled by replacing in the foil container with refill coolant.

  • Elasticated bandage that has a cold effect that can drop the temperature by 10 degrees.
  • Ideal to use as a fast first aid when any overuse or injury to a limb has occurred.
  • Also perfect for post exercise recovery for muscles, tendons, ligament and joints of the horse’s limbs.
  • The Arctic Blast Therapy products are a must to be carried in any truck to assist with immediate cold therapy for horses traveling, competing, racing etc…​
  • Also a perfect first aid for riders who become injured or suffer a sprain or strain while away from home.