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Bomatak C Horse Wormer 1 ltr Liquid

by Bayer
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A benzimidazole drench containing oxfendazole for the treatment and control of roundworms, lungworm and tapeworm in cattle, deer, sheep and goats.

A6872 Unrestricted 

Active Constituents:
Oxfendazole 90.6g/L micronized suspension for oral administration.  Available in 1L and 5L plastic containers.

Routine drenching of horses for the treatment of sensitive strains of roundworms, bloodworms, redworms and pinworms.  Also for treatment and control of sensitive strains of mature and immature stages of all major gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms and tapeworms in cattle, deer, sheep and goats, including Type II ostertagiasis in cattle, and as an aid in the control of adult liver fluke infections in sheep.  It is effective against internal parasites sensitive to this drench family.

For oral use only.  Shake thoroughly before use.

HORSES: 5mL/45kg (10mg/kg b.w).  An increase in dose rate may be necessary to treat the immature stages of some worm species (ask your veterinarian).

CATTLE, DEER, SHEEP and GOATS: 1mL/20kg (4.5mg/kg b.w).  Re-dosing intervals vary depending on age of animals, degree of parasitism, type of worm and climatic conditions.  Routine drenching every 3–4 weeks, for young animals, and up to every 8 weeks, for older animals, is recommended.  Adult animals may need to be drenched once or twice a year.

Withholding Times:
MILK: 72 hours.  MEAT: Cattle, Deer, Sheep and Goats 10 days.  HORSES: 63 days.