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BOLBREW is a multi use stockfeed that has gained a high reputation in the animal feed sector over a number of years. The versatility of this product is such that a number of livestock types are fed on Bolbrew with excellent results. Horses, dairy and beef stock, calves and deer have all performed well on this highly palatable grain-based feed. Milking goats readily accept this formulation and produce excellent performance results.

The success of Bolbrew is attributed to the balanced levels of the following key nutrients:

Energy is an essential nutrient for performance and production in all livestock. The combination of quality cereals, grain by-products and molasses, provides a diet of readily available digestible energy, for growth, maintenance of condition, or milk production.

Protein is required for good development of young stock and for replenishing protein reserves lost by horses in hard work. A high quality protein source, soya meal, is included in this formulation to promote growth and develoment in young animals and assist older stock at times of low protein pasture composition, ie Summer months.

Good quality fibre sources, such as lucerne chaff, enhance the digestibility of Bolbrew, preventing the “heating” effects of other high energy feeds. Fibre is an essential ingredient in ruminant diets, particularly in young calves to ensure rapid rumen development.


Use the following levels as a guide, depending on age and nutritional requirements:
Horses: 2-4kg per head per day
Dairy Cows: 2kg per head per day
Calves: Up to 2kg per head per day
Deer: 1kg per head per day

INGREDIENTS SELECTED FROM: Maize, Lucerne, Soya Bean Meal, Chaff, Molasses, Bran, Pollard, Limestone

TYPICAL ANALYSIS: 10% Protein (min) 10% Fibre (max) 5% Fat (max) 1.5% Salt (max)

Note: Always provide livestock with free access to clean, freshwater. Bolbrew is a supplementary feed and should be fed in conjunction with quality hay and pasture.