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Barley - Whole

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Barley grain is an important feed ingredient for the major livestock species. It has a high fat and calorie content which makes it an excellent grain for weight gain. Barley is a better choice than heavier grains (high energy) such as wheat and maize when roughage is required in a ration.

A high energy grain, which may be fed whole to poultry, sheep and goats but requires processing (crushed or boiled) prior to feeding cattle, pigs and horses.

Barley is not a complete feed and should be offered as a supplement to other feeds as part of a complete diet suitable for the type of animal being fed.

High fat and calorie for weight gain.

Suggested Feeding Rates

Cattle Dairy cows Up to 6kg per day
Beef animals and dry cows Up to 2kg per day
Calves Up to 1kg per day
Sheep Ewes Up to 200g per day
Lambs Up to 100g per day
Goats Does Up to 300g per day
Kids Up to 150g per day
Horses Up to 2kg per day
Camelids Adult Up to 300g per day
Deer Adult Up to 1kg per day
Poultry Up to 50g per day
Pigs Up to 500g per day

Typical analysis (approximate on an as fed basis)

Crude Protein 10%