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AluPLUS Swarovski Safety Stirrups

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Acavallo Arena Alupro 2.0 Stirrups Swarovski - a stunning stirrups with Swarovski details.

Made from high-quality certified anodized aluminum, these stirrups are designed to deliver unparalleled performance with a touch of elegance thanks to the Swarovski crystals on the opening arm of the stirrup.

One standout feature of these stirrups is the stainless steel treat, which boasts long horizontal perforations designed to prevent the buildup of sand and dirt. Therefore, this stirrups guarantee an optimal grip in any riding condition.

The locking and releasing mechanism has been strategically positioned slightly above the stainless steel component, ensuring to respond to stress. This placement not only minimizes the risk of accidental foot slips, but prevents sand and dirt from impeding the polyamide arm's opening during emergency situations.

Main features:

  • Strength and versatility
  • Stainless steel tread
  • Prevents sand and dirt buildup
  • Good grip
  • Lock and release safety system
  • Swarovski Crystal decoration
  • Available in Sky Blue and Total Black 
  • One Size