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Acavallo Respira Gel Pad

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Brand NEW design! Acavallo has decided to offer these products also combined with its proven sheepskin and eco-wool rolled edges permitting an even better and easier positioning of the pads under the saddle, while adding a touch of luxury.  The most striking features of these products are their new gel structure and their innovative, horizontal airflow pattern.

In contrast to the previous, quite massive Air Release structure, this new gel design provides a multitude of little bulges with lateral holes permitting an even more effective, horizontally directed air circulation and increased shock absorption. Besides creating a cushion effect every time they are compressed, the bulges generate a flow of refreshing air that keeps the back of the horse perfectly dry.

Moreover, the new open bulge structure will enable us to use less material, resulting in a substantial decrease of the gel pad weight (almost 20% less compared to previous Air Release pads). One size.

It is self-evident that Acavallo uses only absolutely horse-friendly and top quality materials for its products. 

Washing instructions for sheepskin products: Machine-washable at 30°C or simply by hand using water and a mild soap. Do not use harsh detergents. Do not tumble dry. Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight. Allow to dry naturally. Special care tip: Rub some human hair conditioner into the sheepskin before washing. 

Made in Italy.

Note: The gel on all three colours is transparent as shown on the white pad, not black as shown on the black & brown pads.

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