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Acana Wild Prairie Cat

by Acana

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ACANA Wild Prairie is made with fresh and regional ingredients from western Canada. Reflecting our prairie heritage, ACANA Wild Prairie is loaded with free-run Cobb chicken, turkey and whole nest-laid eggs from local prairie farms, and whole wild-caught fish from our northern Alberta lakes.

All delivered FRESH or RAW in WholePrey™ ratios, to nourish your cat naturally, without long lists of additives. Carbohydrate-limited and loaded with meat protein and low-glycemic vegetables and fruits, ACANA promotes peak physical conditioning in cats of all breeds and life stages. Prepared exclusively in our award-winning NorthStar® kitchens, we think you’ll love ACANA. More importantly, we think your cat will too!

Modern cats are built like their ancestors and we believe they should eat like them. How do you know if your cat’s food is Biologically Appropriate? It’s simple, just answer the three meat questions. HOW MUCH? (75% MEAT) Entirely free of plant protein concentrates, ACANA Wild Prairie is loaded with 75% meat — up to twice as much as most pet specialty cat foods. HOW FRESH? (1/2 FRESH) 1/2 of the meat in ACANA Regionals is FRESH, supplying essential nutrients in their most nourishing form, and 1/2 are dried to provide a concentrated source of meat protein. HOW MANY? (5 FRESH MEATS) ACANA Prairie Poultry features 5 fresh meats in WholePrey™ ratios that include meat, organs and cartilage to supply nutrients naturally and completely. Free-run chicken – meat, liver, heart, kidney and cartilage, fresh from local farms. Free-run turkey – meat, liver, heart, kidney and cartilage, fresh from local farms. Wild-caught walleye – whole and fresh from Canada’s pristine lakes Nest-laid eggs – whole and fresh from local prairie farms. Wild-caught trout – whole and fresh from Canada’s pristine lakes In nature there are no supplements, and cats and eastern wildcats derive their nutritional needs by consuming prey animals; muscle meat provides protein; liver, kidney and tripe supply vitamins and minerals; bones and cartilage deliver calcium and phosphorus.

ONLY 3 SUPPLEMENTS | NATURAL NUTRIENTS ACANA Wild Prairie’s rich meat and WholePrey™ inclusions supply nutrients naturally. By providing a concentrated, natural source of virtually every nutrient your cat needs to thrive, you eliminate the need for long lists of synthetic additives which is why choline, zinc and copper are our only added supplements.