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Spring Fever

It is well known that spring grass can have a dramatic effect on your horse’s health and behaviour.  Mycotoxins, which are invisible and a potentially harmful pasture by product, love spring conditions.

Many people are now familiar with endophyte ryegrass. Endophytes are a type of fungus that attach themselves to the base and seeds of the ryegrass plant. These were bred into ryegrass to protect the plant from insect damage. Unfortunately, often these endophytes produce mycotoxins that affect horses and other livestock. Symptoms can be very subtle, ranging from excessive sweating, herd bound behaviour and spookiness, to full-blown staggers or colic.

There are also other mycotoxins present in all types of pasture that can affect horses. Warm weather conditions can cause the proliferation of mycotoxins throughout the year – including winter.

Toxin Binders have been developed to "catch hold” of ingested mycotoxins before they can pass into the bloodstream, passing harmlessly out in the manure and avoiding toxicity.

The following products are all designed to assist in managing a horses health and behaviour, whether it be by assisting digestion, toxin binding and/or calming.