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Schleich - Horse Feeding Playset

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Our Trakehner foal loves fresh carrots – just like his daddy, the Trakehner stallion. Whenever his friend comes to see him in his stable with a tasty treat, he’s so happy and excited that he paws the ground with his hooves! He eats everything she’s brought straight from her hand before they head off for gallop around the paddock.

Each horse has its own favourite food. Some prefer crisp apples, others fresh hay or hard bread. Our little Trakehner has the same taste as its father; it loves to feed on carrots. When its friend comes to see it in the morning in the stable, it already scrapes excited with its hooves, because in most cases she brings treats with her. As she tenderly caresses its head, the little one eats the carrots greedily from her hand. Then it can soon go out to the paddock, where it plays with its two friends around its father.

Fun fact
Fresh hay is used both to bed the stable and as fodder.

1 x Trakehner stallion, 1 x Trakehner foal, 1 x girl, 2 x hay, 2 x carrot, 6 x paddock, 1 x feeding rack