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Horse Croc Boots

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temporary barehoof or suffers from an abscess in the hoof.

  • Enables the normal movement on paddock, pasture etc. despite hoof dressing
  • Securely attached over the hoof dressing and protects its heavily stressed bottom side and toe area
  • Surrounds the hoof wall and prevents it from breaking away, it protects the sole, helps when horses are hypersensitive and provides a stable tread
  • Perfect to use in the period between losing/pulling/casting a horse shoe and reshoeing the horse
  • Made of robust plastic, multiple reusable, breathable
  • Only usable with hoof dressing
  • Can be used for front and hind hoofs
  • Suitable for horses with or without horse shoe

To protect against ingress of moisture from outside (e.g. on wet grounds) or to prevent moisture to leak out of the dressing (e.g. soak bandage), put a waterproof plastic bag over dressing before attaching.