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Chevalier Easy Bare Hoof Boot

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Easy bare hoof boot Size 6

The new Easyboot and Epic tread has been redesigned using the pattern from the Glove. Boasting enhanced grip and a faster breakover, it also offers improved frog support. The new tread design can tackle any terrain and sheds mud because of its flexibility and depth.

The new buckle system prevents wear on the cable and prolongs boot life. The forged buckle is now free of sharp edges and hard corners, yet still retains three adjustment options and three buckle settings from the original buckle design.

All hard portions of the boot fit below the hairline, an important design feature to help prevent any rubbing around the coronet, and also eliminating joint interference. The Easyboot Epic was a popular hoof boot for endurance horses, until the recent launch of the Easyboot Glove, but continues to be favoured by many riders whose horses feet are the wrong size/shape for the precise fitting Glove.